My Boobs Are OK

av Yhtam 08/12-2007
Sang: My boobs are ok
Artist: Lene Alexandra


Intro: G#m - H - E - D#

G#m  H  E  D#


    G#m       H
My Boobs, my boobs
    E        D#
My boobs are ok
    G#m       H
My Boobs, my boobs
    E        D#
My boobs are ok

Mellomspill: G#m - H - E - - D#   (x2)

1. vers

     G#m     H               E      D#
I'm lazy, admit it, work is not for me
G#m         H             E      D#
Busy doing nothing, I'm a beauty queen
   G#m          H                 E         D#
I don't cook, I don't clean, they do it for me
G#m           H          E  D#
 I'm such a stupid girl

2. Vers

I keep my religion in a Gucci purse
Oh my god, I just forgot the rest of this verse
Who cares? I never passed junior high
It was so hard! So what?


My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
And no matter what you say
I know they're ok
My boobs are ok

3. Vers

Just stupid to study,  I ain't got a brain
So I never went to college, couldn't find the way
I wished every tomorrow was a holiday
I'm such a crazy girl

4. Vers

Dumb as they come, oh, can't you see?
My cup size and IQ work in harmony
Just don't ask me about economy
Unless it is for free



              G#m           H
And with the makeup on, to make these fine
           E              D#
A little glamour from my hips to my tongue
            G#m                          H
That's the name of the game, you gotta know the rules
              E            D#
If you wanna give up, you gotta play it cool

You're so cool!

Come on, girls         \
Give me a Boo (Boo!)    |
Give me a b (B!)        |
Give me a s (s!)        |
Go Boobs!               |-> Standarriffet kan også spilles her: 
                        |           G#m - H - E - D#
Go Boobs!               |
Go Boobs!              /

REF. (x2)



   G#m  H  E  D#

e|  4   2  0  3
H|  4   4  0  4
G|  4   4  1  3
D|  6   4  2  1
A|  6   2  2  x
E|  4   x  0  x

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