The final country song

av Anonym 10/02-2008
INTRO:	A – F#m – E – D – A x2

When they play the final Country song
      F#m       E           D        A
May I crash and burn in the twilight zone
If disco music`s all that`s on
    F#m   E       D    A
The radio,I`ll be long gone

A – E – A 

D                              A
I was born with a guitar in my hand 
   F#m                       E
My daddy was a fiddle playin`man
      D                             A
Every Saturday night at the ol`barn dance
    F#m                         E
And mama was his only one night stand


I used to sing along with the stereo
And I knew all the words by heart you know
Yea, me and Hank we sure put on a show
Say, can you hear that lonesome whistle blow


 Mellomspill: F#m – A – E  x 3
                      D – E 

Take me back to the good ol`days again
Back when woman didn`t dress like men
When it was cool to be in a Country band 
And they didn`t have any discotheques in Dixieland




F#m – A – E  x 3
D – E


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