av Ukjent 24/02-2007
               SORRY - Stage Dolls

    Intro: |C|D/F#|Em| x2


E|------------------------------|play 2x

             C          D/F#           Em
    Yeah it cuts deep inside when it's over
             C           D/F#          Em
    And the look on your face tells it all
              C         D/F#            Em
    You were always the one that was waiting
              C           D/F#         Em
    Now I'm stuck with my back to the wall

                 F          G             Am
      Yeah I promised you gold-rings and roses
             F           G         Am
      Handed to you in devil's disguise
                 F                G        Am
      Now you thought you were holding an angel
               Dm             C            G
      Now the truth lies in front of your eyes

                        C         G          F
          So would you run if I told you I love you
                     C         G           F      G
          Would you run if I asked you to stay
                     C         G           F
          Would you cry if I said that I missed you
           Dm       C         G
          Sorry is all I can say

    Instr: (som intro)

    Girl, I've done you no good as a lover
    Still haunted by old memories
    And if the road that I take leads me nowhere
    Then maybe that's where I wanna be

      Well I promised you gold-rings and roses
      Gave to you all but my heart
      I've looked in the eyes of an angel
      And now I don't know where to start

          CHORUS  x2

          SOLO: |Eb|Bb|Ab|Ab|

	  Sorry is all I can say
	  Ah, would you run, baby
	  Sorry is all I can say

    Outro: (som intro)

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