The sun always shines on TV

av gitaristen 19/12-2008
Em C G D Em C G D 
  Touch me ,  how can it be  -  Believe m e, the  sun always shines  on t.v. 
  Em C G D Em C G D Em 
  Hold me ,  close to your he art -  Touch me  and  give all your lo ve to me  - to me  

  Em G Am D 
  I reached ins ide myself and  found nothing  there to ease the  
  Em C Am D 
  Pressure of my  ever worrying  mind - Oh  oh  
  Em G Am D 
  All my  powers waste aw ay, I fear the  crazed and lonely  
  Em C Am D 
  Looks the mirror's  sending me these da ys - Oh  oh  


  Em G Am D 
  Please don't  ask me to def end the shameful  lowlands of the  
  Em C Am D 
  Way I'm drifting  gloomily through t ime - Oh  oh  
  Em G Am D 
  I reached insi de myself tod ay thinking there's  got to be some  
  Em C Am D 
  Way to keep my  troubles dist ant.     

Chorus (2x)


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