av gitaristen 04/01-2009
D Ds C D Ds G 
                D              C                  G       G(open1st) Bb 
We got married on a cold mid-winter's morning 
D C G G(open1st) Bb 
We said our lines then kissed and it was over 
  Bm G 
      Those pro nouncements had such  weight 
  C G D 
      I guess they  made us hesi tate - hesi tate 
  D Ds C D Ds G 
                   D                     C             G      G(open1st) Bb 
When she moved her hips and swayed in my direction 
D C G G(open1st) Bb 
I thought we could make it yet and beat the isolation 
  Bm G C G 
      But  in that gentle d ark, man we t ore ourselves a part 

  D Dsus C D Dsus G 
      Through  fire  and    rain through  wilderness  and    pain 
  D Ds C 
      Through the  losses,  through th e gains 
  D Ds G D 
      On love's r oller coast er  train -  I call your  name 
C G G(open1st) Bb 
(Oh God)...we used to laugh 
D C G G(open1st) Bb 
Is the fire dying, babe it hurts to ask 
  Bm G D 
      Let me  hold you for a while.   
as interpreted by Etienne 



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