United in a scream

av apollo 12/01-2009
United In A Scream 
Words: S.Hagen, Music: S.Hagen 

intro: A-F#-D-H-E  2X 

A                       E       F#                              E 
united in a scream we’ll tell them you and me 
D                             A        E                        D 
we are the outcast and we’re proud to be 
A                       E        F#                            E 
in this lost society we were never meant to be 
D                        A      E 
we are the rebels and here to tear it down 


  F#                                      G#  A 
the teachers the can’t teach us our parents don’t understand 
C#       D                         A                      E 
that we rule our own lives and they’ve lost command 
     F#                          G#     A 
don’t wont to grow old our dreams won’t be sold 
     C#    D                A                      E 
we’ll do it our way no matter what they say 


D  E 

E                                 C#               A                   F# 
we’re gonna stay together rise up and scream forever 
                  H       E 
we’re gonna carry on 
united in a scream 
                  A         F#                  H           C# 
we’re gonna cry out loud 'cause we’re the future 


don’t’ wait live your dreams today 
forget the rules tomorrow will be too late 
let’em think we’re crazy let’em think we’re wild 
they’re just programmed to be deaf, dumb and blind 


we listen to our won voice and follow the heart 
we’ll make our stand in every town 
and they will never stop us the young, the wild and free 
we stand united in a scream 





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