Tha Landlords Daughter

av boardlet 29/01-2009
G                         C
Much has been said of the strumpets of yore
   D                       G
Of wenches and bawdy house queens by the score
    G                           C
But I sing of the baggage that we all adore,
     Am         D
The Landlord's Daughter

        C           G
You'll never love another
Although she's not the kind of girl
To take home to your mother

fingerspill på c2-strengen

    G                       C
Her ale it is lively and strong to the taste
        D                         G
It is brewed with discretion and never with haste
         G                         C
You can have all you like If you swear not to waste
     Am         D
The Landlord's Daughter

       C               G
And, when her name is mentioned
The parts of every gentleman
Do stand up at attention

     C             G
Oh, nothing can delight so
As does the part that lies between

Her left toe
And her right toe


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