Hug The Man!

av boardlet 29/01-2009


(D) From the hills to the sea, from the (G) ocean to the woods

(C) Everyday, guys meet, even (D) in your own neighbourhoods

(D) We say “hello, padrino, how (G) are you, man”, maybe (C) you even shake his (D) hand



But why are are we afraid to show love, I ask… now hug the man!



(G) Show your fellow man som love, hey man, (C)show him real good lovin’

 I’m not (G) saying you should cuddle and kiss, but (C)show him that you love him

 (D) Give him a hug, I know (Am) you wanna, coz (D) he’s a really nice guy, yeah, I (Am)think I’m gonna



Hey man, I’m fund of you, boy, but that does’nt mean I want a rim




 (D) Even if Barack and McCain, are (G) debating all day long

 Don’t you (C) come her telling me that they would’nt  (D) appreciate this song

Come (D) here, Obama,  you’re a (G) great guy after all, give us a hug



Sure thing, John, wrap your arms around me, you old, scruffy thug




Am og D om hverandre:

Feeling your skin

Feeling yout beard

Smellin your hair

Feeling  your warmth

Inhale your cologne

Your body next to mine

Stop caring what people think and hug the man!


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