The Acrobat

av boardlet 29/01-2009
Intro Hm – A – G


Hm                     A           G             A
Standing alone on the starboard wing
Hm                   A          G                  A
In the fuselage sits a man with a ring
Hm                               A      G          A
We’ve been together for many a years
Hm                             A             G         A
I’m no longer feeling that he really cares


We fell in love in pilotschool

He was the one, he was really cool

We startet a plane acrobat thing

Until I realised it was only a fling


G                                   A
I’m losing my love in 100 knots per hour
G                                                 A
Our love was sweet, now I’m afraid it’s gone sour.
Hm                                                        G
I don’t love you no more, I’m going insane
A                              F#
I’m standing alone, on the wing of a plane.


I’v tried to tell him, a trillion times or more

I know longer want to be his flying whore

But I’m an undereducated twat

Standing on on a plane is all I got


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