This Might Be The End

av boardlet 29/01-2009
[C]I guess it was me who sai[C/H]d something wrong[Am][Em]
[C]Coz suddenly it felt like[C/H] I was fighting th[Am]e Vietcong[Em]
[Dm]It started so peacefully [Dm(b5]with some wine and che[Dm7]ese[Dm(b5]
[Dm]Then you (suddenly) explo[Dm(b5]ded like the Germans on Omaha[Dm7] beach[G]

Asus2                          Amaj7sus2
This might be the end my Love
[A7sus2]I can’t fight you anymore[Dm7]
[Dm]You’re army is to strong for me[Dm(b5]
[Dm7]I need a truce, my love, not war.[G]

I know that you think I’m the impossible one

And you don’t believe in solving problems with a simple song

But I’m all out of ammo, this is all I have left

You stole my heart away, I’m charging you with theft

This might be the end my Love

I can’t fight you anymore

You’re army is to strong for me

I need a truce my love, not war.


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