Wish You`d Hold That Smile

av Timby 27/02-2009
Minor Majority - Wish You`d hold That Smile

Intro: D

[D]This is how it [A]goes
[Em]Me and you on the telephone
[D]This is how we [A]sound
This is how we grow[Em]

[D]This is what I d[A]o
If I h[Em]ad to choose again
This is what I c[D]hoose
Wish I didn't k[A]now what it does to you[Em]

[G]If I could break your f[A]all
Then we should r[D]ise a[Asus4]bove it all[Bm]
And if you loose control[Bm6/G][F#]
You're sure to turn me on[Bm]

[D]This is what it t[A]akes
[Em]This is how I feel good about myself[D]
This is how I f[A]all
This is how I break[Em]

[D]Baby, let’s not fight[A]

[Em]Why don’t you come over and spend the night[D]
We don’t need more time[A]
We need to use it right[Em]

[G]If you can’t get high[A]
If t[D]ime’s just f[Asus4]lying by[Bm]
If you live a lie[Bm6/G][F#]
You’re sure to say goodbye[Bm]

H[Em]ey, I w[A]ish you’d hold that smile[Bm]
H[Em]elp, if o[A]nly for a while[Bm]

[Em]I n[A]eed to know about a[D]ll the t[Asus4]hings you d[Bm]id and d[Bm/A]idn’t do[Bm6/G][F#]
And just how hard you triedHm


[G]If I can break your fall[A]
Then we should r[D]ise ab[Asus4]ove it all[Bm]
And if you lose control[Bm6/G][F#]
You’re sure to turn me on[Bm]


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