Friends will be friends

av Severin7 02/03-2009
A                                              E
since the end of our glory days, i've been feeling down and out 
A                    D                           E      D
they just don't make 'em like they did 
A                                                   E
i've been hanging out on our street hoping there's a chance we'd  meet
A        D                          E
 as if I knew just what to say 
D           E                              F#m
I took it wrong right from the start 
D           A          E        
lies just tore us apart 
D                    A              D     A

friends will be friends forever more 
D             A                D          E
you can't erase what's in your heart 
D                     A                 D        E
friends will be friends if we really try 
          H               D          E
'cause friends are hard to find 

did we do what was right back then so easy to loose a friend 
well it ain't the same anymore 
i sure miss the good times we had all the memories make me glad 
wish i could do it all again 
i took it wrong right from the start lies just tore us apart 
D   F#m                                      Hm        F#m         C#m
we could have stayed tight for a hundred years but we... 
we had nowhere left to go

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