Saturn Freeway

av adied 09/03-2009
Stem gitaren ½ tone ned: D#-G#-C#-F#-A#-D#

Intro: D – A – D

Verse 1:
[A] Baby went off to s[D]ummerschool and she d[G(/F#]idn’t feel allr[A]ight
Nobody sp[D]oke to her and she[G(/F#] couldn’t sleep at n[A]ight
[G] No one there kn[A]ew [G] what she had b[A]een through

[Bm] If they ever make one bab[D]y we should[E] go right ahead
[D]    [Bm]Saturn freeway[D][E]
Then we could reverse the viol[D]ence[Bm] and go right ahead
[D]   S[E]aturn freeway
[D]    [Bm]  Go right ahead[D][E]

Verse 2:
I’m just trying to cheer you up
But who am I to know
I never heard the shots they fired
Just glad they let you go

Don’t feel sad now you are safe and sound

Don’t be bad when it brings you down
I know a girl and she’s still hiding

We could be like superman we could go right ahead
Saturn freeway
The we could reverse the violence
Go right ahead
Saturn freeway
If they ever made one baby we should go right away
Saturn freeway


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