Funny little world

av nordrott 27/05-2009
Alexander Rybak - Funny little world, første singel fra det nye albumet. 

G, Em, Am, D

G             Em         Am             D 
Suddenly I'm famous, and people know my name
G                              Em          Am               Hm7 
I've got a thousand girls just waiting and therefore it's a shame
Em                     Hm7           Am           D7 
That my heart has been captured by a funny little smile
G               E        Am         D 
and finally I'm happy if only for a while

G              Em          Am                  D 
People call me stupid, for treating you like a queen
G                Em           Am        Hm7 
But I don't even worry, cause you're my unforseen
Em                      Hm7        Am            D7 
And I hope that you'll be with me, if only in my dreams
G                     E                  Am            D 
But here you are next to me, and you are glad or so it seems


G           Hm7      Am          D        
And I don't know for sure, where this is going,
G       Hm7      Am        D
Still I hope for more, and more
      G         Hm7       Am        D               Em 
Cause who would know that you would treat me like a boy
      Hm7              Am            D            G
and I treat you like a girl, in this funny little world

Mellomspill x2: G,Hm7,Am,D

Don't promise me for ever
Just love me day by day
No one knows the future
We're young, but that's OK
'Cause you'll always be a part of me
Whatever life will bring
And people have to bear with you
This silly song I sing.

Your boyfriends might be angry
My girlfriends might be blue
But no one can deny it
From now on I love you
I have to say it's new to me
This feeling in my heart
Guess I've been kind of lonely
And you've been kind of smart

Refreng x2


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