Don't hold on too tight

av michaelo 20/07-2009
# Michael Odden <>
# Hun spiller den en oktav lysere enn normalområdet, men 
# høres pent ut rett frem som dette.

D				     A
You say you understand the way i`m feeling
You got that same longing in your heart
There is nothing that we can do about it
That I would be missing you whenever we're apart

	    A				D
I see you looking like everything's all right
	    A				     D
I hear you saying babe, you sure look fine tonight
              G           		D  (*)
Your not the kind to give up without a fight 
	A	 G	    A		D
Neither am I, so please don’t hold too tight  * 2 (kun èn gang i 2. vers)

You walk in circles even though it burns
Keep on trying, keep on playing hard
Keep on acting so it doesn’t show
Keep saying to ourselves they never know


Keep an eye on every move you make
I follow like a child each step you take 
I know you said it`s easy to be true 
But somehow I just forget when i`m with you


Neither am I, so please don’t hold too tight

(*) En pen fill etter 3. linje i refrenget (evt som overgang
    fra G'en til D'en) er: G-G-F-D#-D, spilt på de lyseste
    strengene, men uten bass:
	G = xxx787
	F = xxx565
	D#= xxx343
	D = xxx232


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