Rubber And Soul

av Lisulf 19/09-2009
intro: C F Am    F C

C      F            Am
In my mind I`m crawling on your floor
F           C
Vomiting and defeated
C       F            Am
Total absence of grace

Your reluctant voice 
 F                  C
saying; you decide your own fate

    E                          Am
But I wear rubberbands round my soul
E                       Am
They keep me from crawling
F                                Am
And these rubberbands round my soul
F                  Am F C   F  Am
they keep me from falling

C         F           Am
In my repeated dreams
                         F     C
You stare at me with an empty gaze
     C         F      Am
You turn your back on me
                            F        C
And you search for more intriguing days

Loathing this 
Controlling this
F                       Am
Let me get a hold of this


     C                 F              Am
And then when you are not in my dreams

and not in my mind
but we are at the same place 
at the same time
C     F            Am
rubber no longer holds 
     F             C
the borders of my soul


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  • Carl (Gjest)
    Fint vers, dessverre høres refrenget (F, Am, F,C) ikke riktig ut..
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