Be Careful what you wish for

av bernth 08/03-2010
[F]Be careful what you wish [Am]for
Not because it might come t[C]rue
If there's anyone behind that d[Am]oor
Chances are they won't listen to [C]you

Keep an eye out when you [F]go
[C]You know these al[G]leys get dark at [Am]night
And things you think you k[F]now
[C]Around h[G]ere might not seem ri[Am]ght

[G]I got the skeleton r[D]ye
I got the mazel tov s[Am]mile
I get monkey hu[Em]gs[D]
[G]And if it's all do or d[D]ie
Then how stupid am [Am]I
To be catching no l[Em]uck with y[D]ou

[F]Be careful what you wish for
Cause they'll get you good
There's no "I" in "us" there's no "Y" in "trust"
Whatever that's supposed to mean

Well, we'll try and add it up
Get the numbers right this time
Because this here will never stop
We got life for that crime

Be careful what you wish for
You satellite
So the sky was not enough
You can always ask for more


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