Man In The Moon

av Nybegynner 17/03-2010
F#m    D       A     E  
Theres nothing I can conceive
F#M   D         A         E
Can't help it I borrow or steal
F#M  D     C#       F#m
O    god I feel so ashamed
D        E         A
I am the one to be blamed

Still waiting for the last train
To   take  away my pain
Is  this the faith I will face
I'm longing to feel your embrace

D              A
Black bird has flown
Bm         A
My baby is gone
    D          A           E    Bm   E
I'm singing my song out of tune
D           C#m
Torture and pain
    C#sus7     F#m
Are calling my name
     D         E          A
I'll be by the man in the moon

Why I eaven face the next day
When my love is miles away
I kissed the ground that you walk upon
Please change my heart of stone


A       C                  D            A
Take me away from here and out of missery
A       C            D      A
I had a danger i can stand
A          C                      D            A
This isn't what i planned but the only thing i see
A          C               D     A
Now i will play my card to be or not to be

Ref x2


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