e|---| |---|
b|---| |---|
g|---| |---| 
d|-6-| |-6-| 
a|-2-| |-4-|
e|-0-| |-5-| 

Hey man, don't feel sad
there's never been anything to worry about
think of all the times
when things have just seemed to work out
no matter how pathetic you are


F#m                    A     E
Don't let this man go down tonight
F#m                      A        E
cause it's all going to work out right

So man, you've had it rough
but there's no point in just beating around the bush
do something with your life
we're all a part
happy or sad
it doesn't make a difference whether you had it all
If it's all gone bad

Don't let this man go down tonight
don't let this man go down tonight
just let yourself be part tonight
don't let yourself go down


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