Walls Come Down

av Nybegynner 08/04-2010
Your lies ar getting whither              
Yet black enough to bite 'ya
A                          Bm C# D
Toothache in a lucky chew

Get your act together
The crippled ballet dancer
A                          Bm C# D
Tiptoe in your metall shoes

You don't even care
Pretend you're unaware
But you're the only one you fool


                      Bm     D
Untill your walls com down
                        Em   G
Untill your shields are gone
       Bm            G
You're making life a ragged ride
D                F#m
sticking to your guns
                       Bm   D
Untill your walls come down
                    Em      G
Untill your day has come
      Bm           G
Don't wanna see it eye to eye
     D          F#m
What you are to become
Untill your walls come down

Lights are getting brighter
Seas ar getting wider
Buisness as usual on earth

Climbinng evry ladder
Everyone will have her
And everyone will have her first!

We don't even care
pretend she's always here
All to gain and non to loose


No one hears the pounding of the
drum is getting stronger
     C#m               Bm                 G
(the drum are loud and clear for all, for one)
         Em                    A
Carry on across the border and beyond



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