Duty Blues live version

av joarep 18/05-2010
Artist: Remi André Slotterøy
Sang: Duty blues 
Stemming: E - A - D - G - H - E  (Med capo blir det F# - H - E - A - C# - F#)
Capo på F# 
Copyright (c)

Intro: Capo på F#: Am - E - Am - D

Vers: er det samme som introen
      The table was set, I was ready to bet.
      My cards seemed to be good, but I played them the wrong way.
      I didnt know the rules, just the one for fools.
      It seemed like it all were the same.
      I got some duties during time, and one of them was to call you mine.
      I couldnt achieve it, I didnt succeed. Now I know what I need.

             Am               C     
Ref:  Its to know my duty, and live for them.
             G                           C               D
      Im prepared to fight for this. It isnt anything to miss.
             Am                C
      Its to know my work, and live for that.
             G                        C      D
      Just shake all fright away, it will be okay. 

Vers: er det samme som introen
      I see it could get hard, but just stop being so mad.
      It will just make you feel bad. And I will be like always, just sad.
      It never was with purpose to hurt you. All I wanted was to hug you.
      Now, could we just get along and forget about this. I dont want this.

Denne sangen er det ikke jeg som eier, men har fått godkjent tilattelse om å få 
legge ut tab på den. 

(c) Copyright


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