Singing [D]Oah
I love you [F#m]Moa[Fm][Em]
Youre way to young for me
But I dont [Bm]min[A]d

[D]Never mind what your girlfriends say[F#m]
Deep inside Im quite okay[Fm][Em]
I may have fooled around once or twice
But I [G]rea[Bm]lly [Em]need[A] you[D]

Vers 2:
[D]Its not like Im the only guy[F#m]
Oh, I know how you make them cry[Fm][Em]
So lets start by being friends[F#m]
And let this friendship never end[Bm]

I knew you years ago[F#m]
What I want I dont know[Fm][Em]
But lets just say it's [F#]love[A]

Singing [D]Oah
I love you [F#m]Moa[Fm][Em]
Youre way to young for me
But I dont [Bm]min[A]d
Dont say [D]maybe
Just be my [F#m]lady[Fm][Em]
No need to hesitate
Cuz youll be [D]fine

Vers 3:
So tell me what I want to hear
No wait let's just leave it there
You know Im not good for you
God I dont now what to do

I liked you from the start
You melt my icy heart
And now its burning hot


Vers 4:
Dont throw away all what's left to me
I once believed you would save my soul
But if you saw me know
Crying secretly
Would you hold my hand and never let it go?

Ref x2.


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