Butterfly Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)

av navi09 31/10-2010
Intro :
[Em] [C] [Bm] [G]
[Em] [C] [Bm] [G]

[Em]Butterfly, butterfly flying in[Am]to the wind
[Em]You could be sure of it
That's no [Am]place to begin
[D]Over thinking e[Am]very little th[G]ing
[D]Acknowledge the[Am] bell you can't unring[B] (?)

[Em]Tomorro[C]w, [G]you don't have to s[D]ay what you're thi[Em]nking[C]
You d[G]on't have to m[D]ean what you s[Em]ay

Verse 2
Butterfly, butterfly, flutter into the skies
Butterfly, butterfly, their molecular cries
Chrysalis dreams waitin on the fifth in star
These stained glass wings could only take you so far

Tomorrow, you don't have to say that it matters
You don't have to turn something in
Stay with it through thick or thin
Butterfly begin

[Am]Butterf[F#m]ly, butterf[B]ly

Tomorrow, you don't have to mean what you say
Left without a reason to stay
Here comes the last hurrah
Here's our last hurrah

(Butterfly, butterfly)


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