Capo 2. bånd

Intro: G D G, C Am D

   G                                     C             G
Go to sleep my little angel, don't you worry bout the dark
                                                 Em                  D
There is no one there to frighten you, sending shadows through your heart
        Em         C             G
Cause dreaming is not believing, there is no one there tonight
                                          D             C
That will scare away the beauty, of the stories of the night

Lay your head upon the pillow, and let your fantasy unfold
As I unveil the stories, of the warrior brave and bold
And a maiden who was left behind, of her handsome man to be
And the banshee from the woodlands, you'd never thought you'd see

   D                            Em        C
Lullaby come, come, with your stories of old
   D                            Em        C
Where fantasy is real, and the ending is golden
   D                         Em         C
Lullaby come, come, take me under your wing
       Eb            F           G
Take me in, to the world of my dreams

So sleep my little angel, don't you worry bout the night
Your eyes alit and sparkle, in the blessed evening light
You may say I'm just a dreamer, But you know I still believe
That a soothing little lullaby, will put my girl to sleep

Lullaby come, come


Dette feltet skal ikke fylles ut:
  • Lol (Gjest)
    Nei den er ikke bra????
  • Memememe (Gjest)
    Nydelig! Legg ut fler?
  • mysillj (Gjest)
    Me like!
    Legg ut flere da! :-)
  • Joker (Gjest)
    Herlig at det har kommet en Lassie n the Lads sang inn her. Har savnet det. Denne er jo også en av de fineste.
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