Derail and Demise

av dustegeek 26/01-2011
Intro: A – D – A – A   x3
      A	                               D	    A
The night is spreading out and I can feel the penetration
   A                               D              A
I draw my maps on napkins there is too much information
       C#m                               D             A 
The proon juice leader scuffle turns a red nose into sorrow
    Bm                               D       E        A
and in the hall a whisper said the child is yours to borrow
    D                       E                A
I run like a rabbit but I blow just like a blister
         D                           E      A
there's backbone in the body of the rubber mans sister

    C#m                            D                A  
St George is still around after bringing down the mountain
         Bm                             D     E        A 
and the fat and greasy git remains to swim across the fountain

Mellomspill: A – D – A – A x2

The living dead turns quiet now and brains they fall asunder
This used to be a library but now it's reigned by thunder
So now there are no books to read not a word you can recital
You wouldn't be a book worm if you hadn't won the title

Annie blew her whistle, blew her whistle in the battle of Sodoma
and then fifty casanovas came and left her hanging out there in a coma

A             D
Derail and demise
Derail and demise
Derail and demise
Derail and demise

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  • Øystein (Gjest)
    Stemmer bra denne! Bare transponer den ned 3 halvtoner eller sett på en capo!
  • Fyksen
    Får ikke dette til å stemme jeg heller.
  • Kim (Gjest)
    Detta er feil, akkordene er G, C, Am og D.. Mulig det er en Bm og der, men er ikke sikker.
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