Every drop of water

av kaste94 04/04-2011
[F] [Bb] [C] [F]

[F]Life is kinda like a roller coaster
Up and down over and over [Bb]again until it [C]ends

The [F]way that I figure it's all grist for the mill
There's a lesson to learn from every hard spill we [Bb]take
And there are no mis[C]takes.

[Bb]We're all diamonds i[F]n the rough,[Bb] we'll shine [F]soon enough
It's the s[Gm]truggles in this [Am]life that made you [Bb]strong[C]
Emb[Bb]race the good times [F]and the bad, keep in [Bb]mind when you're [F]sad
Both [Gm]tears of joy and [Am]sorrow lead you h[Bb]ome
Every drop of [C]water shape the [F]stone

Now you dont know if I looking at me now
But not long ago I was down for the count and i was scared
I didn't think I had a friend
But I found the faith to get over that mountain
It took a while but nobody's countin' anyway and I'm here to say.

There's a [Dm]masterpiece in [Bb]every heart, e[Gm]very working change of [C]art


Life is kinda like a roller coaster up and down over and over again...


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