"These are the Spoken day`s"

av lasseottar 02/05-2011
 Hm                 A
Now i`m dispirited walking around
   G            Hm
I lost my self somehow
 Hm               A
I`m driftin` from dusk to down
 G                   F# (F#m i vers 4)
endless moving from town to town

I wish I was a midnight train 
movin` through an endless glen
Slowly I start to lose my mind
but the gloom is still my pain

 G            A             Hm
Down in the valley where we used to be as one
 G            A           F#m
Down in the valley where I lost my heart years ago
       Em                     A
I have seen it all, there is nothing more
 F#m                     Hm
Please don`t shout, just hear me out
 Em               A
Please i`m on my knees
      F#m      Hm     G   A  Hm
Don`t ever let go

I lug myself to sleep
on a cold and endless street
I guess i`m not supposed to go
the easy way where the water flows

These are the spoken day`s
now it`s time to say goodbye
Wish I could heel the loneliness
instead of always being the one who cries


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