When Susannah Cries

av MrCrafter 20/05-2011
When Susannah Cries                                Espen Lind

Skal du spille sammen med versjonen til Espen Lind setter du capo på 6. bånd.

               D                  Asus4    A
When Susannah cries, she cries a rainstorm
             Em                D/A           Asus4 
She cries a river, she cries a hole in the ground
     A         D                Asus4     A  
She cries for love, she cries a sad song
            Em                    D/A          Asus4 A
She cries a shiver, sometimes she cries for me too

      Em                               Hm           Asus4 A  
And I say I'll never hurt her but she knows it isn't true
        Em                                 Hm                 Asus4 A 
`Cos although I never told her I think she knows `bout me and you
         Em                      D                Asus4 A
Now she cries with silent tension - this can't be right
         Gmaj7            F#m7                 Em7      Asus4 
And the downtown special cries along `cos I'm leaving tonight
When Susannah cries.....

Now I slip the night around her and I hope she'll be okay
I just pray someone will find her and guide her on her way
`cos I'm leaving on the 1 AM and by soon I'm out of sight
But she'll always be my baby, though I'm leaving tonight
When Susannah cries.....

Every night I hear her talking in her sleep
She says You know I'll always be there
and I feel like such a creep
Pleas take back the love she gave to me
and in time her grief may pass
Just tell her that I loved her 
Now it's all she has

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