Juliets Wishes

av FayMeyer 11/07-2011
[fm] [Eb] [Ab] [Bb]

No one,[fm] no thing[Ab] can keep him [Eb]to me
His a Mo[fm]ntague, he [Ab]always will be[Eb]
My racing heart[fm] has [Ab]made him stay be[Eb]hind

[Eb]And how h[fm]e, oh[Ab] help me p[Eb]lease
He's got me pr[fm]etending I s[Ab]ee no finis[Eb]h line
But in the e[fm]nd there [Ab]always[Eb] is
Always is[fm] - nan[Ab]ana[Eb]na

[fm] [Ab] [Eb]

[fm]Take him[Eb], cu[Ab]t him out in little[Bb] stars
And [fm]he shall [Eb]make
the f[Ab]ace of heaven so fi[Bb]ne
[fm]Theese w[Eb]ere - J[Ab]uliets[Bb] wishes
and n[fm]ow t[Eb]heir [Bb]mine

Tomorrow a storm's expected to the shore
gourgeous disaster, still out at sea
I've seen it come in a million times before
heard the racon waves screaming to me
to me

Take him, cut him out in little stars and
he shall make the face of heaven so fine
theese were Juliets wishes
and now their mine


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