Capo 3

    G                                   D
I weighed every line every time that she wrote
       C            Em                  D
every word another stone carried in my coat
they're postmarked from home like a coin
tossed in a wishing well
     C               Em             D
my childhood lover still under my spell

     G                     D
No answer, well that's my answer
          Em                     C
when she asks if i'll ever come home
               Em                 D
it's not like when we first shed tears,
before this years
when we were young.

My heartbeat is rising and falling
like the ocean's swell
my mind is running full as a summer's sail
she calls from the shore of the past
to say that she's still mine
but this ship cannot be turned
from what its left behind


But when i'm alone her words from home
I reach out to hold
Oh when will these old letters
break at the fold
why do I keep these memories
of who I used to be
when they weigh me like an anchor
tossed to the sea



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