Story time

av Anonym 13/10-2012
Hele sangen er F, F, Am, G (med capo på 1. bånd)
Mesteparten med fingerspill:

  F                 F

  Am                G

Etter linjen "Deep down inside of me I'm actually really mad"
kommer det en liten periode med de samme akkordene, men spilt
som barchords (og ikke fingerspill):

    F     Am    G   

F                          Am
I got out of work early today
                G                       F
Decided to walk home, whistling all the way
Down our street, through our front gate
G                 F
Something was not right
Who's shoes are these?
                  G                 F
They really don't smell like mine
And who's jacket is this?
Someone's been dressing up real fine

I looked around for my wife
She's usually outside when the weather this nice
But the garden laid silent as a mouse
So i wandered back into the house
Who's pants are these?
They are not my size
And these aren't my cars keys
Even though they look really nice

Then I heard noises from upstairs
Sounded like my wife was playing basketball
I thought it was an odd thing to do in our bedroom
So i decided to go and check it out

Who's boxers are these?
I really don't understand
'Cause I'm pretty sure these Batman boxers aren't mine
Could they belong to another man?

Upstairs I meet my best friend Bob
Standing naked in the hall
Behind him I can see my wife lying naked on the bed
Seems like they haven't been playing basketball at all
Bob, what's going on? I've known you my whole life
Still when I'm gone, you're here pretending to play basketball with my wife
Oh, Bob, you'd better run, or I'm gonna hurt you real bad
'Cause I do not find this fun
Deep down inside of me I'm actually really mad

Bob jumped off the balcony, hit a rock and broke his leg
Which gave me plenty good time to get a shovel from the garden shed
And with the shovel I hit Bob in head until I was pretty sure he had to be dead
Did not feel neither remorse nor pain as i plaited to ground with pieces of his brain
And when I felt that sting in my back
I never could have guessed my wife just hit me with an axe
She obviously cared more for Bob that me, I assumed
As my body fell to my feet
She started dragging Bob towards the car
I screamed: You dumb slut, didn't you notice his scare?
There ain't nothing were his head suppose to be
I'm not sure you can fix that with surgery
She started crying, I laughed and said
Jesus, you need to get the vacuum cleaner to get up all the pieces
They disappeared, I spat Bob in the face which was easy
'Cause he was lying all over the place 

Dette er min første tab, så beklager om det er noe feil.
Du må høre på sangen for å sette alt på plass.

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