Awright, awright, awright

av rickenbacker 09/02-2013
BACKSTREET GIRLS: Awright, awright, awright

[C]Well I'm doing allright and I'm ready for [B-C]fun now
Hot in the city we're the kids on the run
They're jumping up and down to the rock n roll beat yeah
the kids are going crazy by the end of the week

[F]Awright, [C]awright, [G]awright
We're doing [C]allright tonite
Well awr[D]ight

Well it's five days at work
and I can't say I like it
I'd rather have some money
cause I'm one of the lazy
Wild in the night and I'm doing allright
I study a new face in the dashboard light yeah

awright, awright, awright

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