Gary Holton & Casino Steel: Jimmy Brown

G  E
I wish I was born in Lebensborn
Then all the other kids would have wished 
                   A    C  D
they could be like me
I wish I was born a movie star
     E                                         A     C  D
I'd pick the best girls and drive my own flashy car

       C          D            G
But my name is ordinary Jimmy Brown
       C            D               G
The plainest looking kid in London town
C          D            G        E
Ordinary, boring Jimmy Brown
A                             D
No one's having fun when I'm around

C   D        G
Oh, oh Jimmy Brown
Oh, oh Jimmy Brown
C           D      B            C
What can we do with a wimp like you

D B G D A F# G C G

I wish I could play like Dee Dee Ramone (1-2-3-4)
I wouldn't have to sit in the corner of the pub alone
I wish I could drive a Chevrolet
I'd have the best clothes and nice bleached blond backcombed hair

But my name is ordinary Jimmy Brown...

Oh, oh Jimmy Brown...

G       F           C
Jimmy Brown  Jimmy Brown 
      Bb     D      G
Jimmy Brown

Jimmy,Jimmy  Jimmy,Jimmy
Ba ba bap ba...


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