Variations On A Dead Swan

av turboaltibox 17/03-2013
(Capo på 3.bånd, grepene utifra capoen.)

These are sites that I haven't seen
Haven't been to
Makes me happy 
In the winter, 
In the winter, frozen over
G           Em            D
In the winter, frozen over
A year old swan is left behind
G              Em
By the others, broken wing
G               A 
She is wounded, gonna die 
                G       Em
She know she's gonna die 
She's gonna die

The year old swan isn't scared of me, 
G                 Em
I sit beside her, she's looking at me 
G                 A				       G
Miss her mother, miss the others, rests her head in my lap, 

Isn't God heard 
Em                       D
Rests her head in my lap 

Em               D
Around Christmas time 
Em                D     A
One great swan is going down 
Em               D 
On the frozen lake 
Em              D      A
God it's quiet, make a sound! 
Em                      D
Then she closed her eyes 
Em                 D      A
For the last time, goodbye 
Em            D
Lost you to it 
Em              D         A
Spirit rests in the great sky 
Em                   D
And then the day awakes 
Em                  D  A
Behind the mountain it breaks 
Em              D
Wake up everyone! 
Em                 D       A
Look what I found; a dead swan 
Em                 D
God it's quiet here 
Em                      D      A
Would like an aeroplane to fly by 
Em            D
Tempted to scream 
Em                  D     A     A
Spirit lives in the great sky  
D              (A)
*Spirit lives...*
D              (A)
*Spirit lives in...*
D                  (A)       E
*Spirit lives in...the great sky*


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