Blame it on Suzie

av rickenbacker 09/04-2013
Backstreet Girls: Blame It On Suzie

D –A -G

[D]I got a pocket full of money[A]
[B]I got brand new shoes
[D]I'm getting down from the alley[B]
[A]I got nothing to loose

She's so stu-stu-stupid
She's like a mean machine
She's make me feel like Monday
She's just a memory

[E] [D] [B]
Oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh Blame it on Suzie x 2

D –A -G

[D]I shoulda sensed her feelings
That everything was wrong
Before I hit the sealing
She was coming on strong

How could I loose my senses
How could I loose my grip
Maybe I was too defensive
Maybe I was on the run

Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Blame it on Suzie


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