Graveyard Paradise

av Anonym 29/05-2014
- 1-2-6
     E                    H7
The pale white-collared gentlemen                        
         A       H7     E
They're coming side by side.                   
     A             G#m
The holy court of justice                  
      F#m            H7
To a meeting in the night
      E                 H7
They do not talk, they do not smile
       A         H7     E
They think and that's enough                         
      A                   G#m
They will not make their judgement                       
           F#m             H7
'Till the moon rises off above                           
           E                H7
And of a thousands soldier boys                         
     E                     H7
At least they made their choice                                        
  E             A                H7           E
Another victim soon arrives at graveyard paradise
A   G#m   F#m   E    A   G#m    F#m   E    H7  
      E                H7
And there's a smiling little girl                  
       A      H7     E
Whose dinner was a snail                     
      A               G#m
It's hard for her to walk                         
                F#m         H7
She's got her brother in a rail                  
     E             H7
Her father's lying in the mud                      
     A          H7     E
Her mother's murdered too                     
      A               G#m
Her bloody eyes can't even see                        
         F#m                H7
And she don't know what to do                            
         E                   H7
But the pale-white collared guys                   
  E                 H7
Those desperate vampires                                                      
  E                         A                   H7           E
They're watching her with bloodshut eyes from graveyard paradise
A   G#m   F#m   E    A   G#m    F#m   E    H7   
E               H7
Everything is black and cold              
     A         H7 E
In graveyard paradise                    
      A              G#m
And when somebody's talking there                   
       F#m              H7
Is it just to tell you lies                         
       E                   H7
Those pale-white collared gentlemen                           
           A        H7       E
Oh yes, I saw them as they stood                       
    A                    G#m
Outside the graveyard's gate                           
               F#m              H7
They would be laughing if they could                 
      E            H7
And when somebody dies                     
      E                 H7
When moon rise in the sky                           
         E                  A
They're watching you with bloodshut eyes                 
       H7           E
From graveyard paradise


Dette feltet skal ikke fylles ut:
  • Gjest
    Litt av en sang ja, hele Norge sang på den! Ungdommen altså. Skikkelig grim!
  • Gjest
    Litt uenig med grep...E-H7-A-H7-E...A-G#m-F#m-H7...E7-H7-A-H7-E...A-G#m-F#m-H7...E-H7-E-H7-E-A-H7-E..........hilsen heggen
  • Arve Jakobsen (Gjest)
    Hei. Jeg hørte 1 2 6 i Folkets Hus i Oslo den 1. mai 1967, strålende band, fantastisk låt.
  • Knut (Gjest)
    Nasjonalsang for 60tallsungdommen i Bodø. Kjækt å spæll han ijæn.
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