Intro: E A9 C#m7 Badd4 A9 E Badd4 A9

E        A9                C#m7
   So it hurts-well,big surprise
        Badd4        A9
get up, go and cut those ties
E         Badd4          A9
   you're nothing to her now
E        A9              C#m7
  Eleven years all up in smoke
       Badd4         A9
was it really just a joke?
E      Badd4             A9
   Mistake's too small a word
E     E-5        Eadd4          E
   so small,I've never seen you quite so small  x2

(2nd verse: same as intro and 1st. verse)

so you cut your hair and drink,
a little boy caught in the stink-
it always feels this way
And when you stop and wonder why,
the only answers feel like lies-
another big surprise...

A9    E          A9
       so let it lie
E              A9
     so let it die
E         Badd4
     the quirks along the way are what you
learn from anyway!

Ba-ba-ba part has the same chords as the intro and verses. Have fun.


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