Capo 2
Obs. dette ble gjort i en fei.

A* og G* er en simpel slide med E-akkorden, slik:
G* = 055400
A* = 077600

chords:    A A    Bm Bm                          repeat x2

D            G
I'll bury my downcast hours in transparent ink,
D                 G
tie myself to the mast and wait here for the ship to sink
Em                     G         A       G
though I know I've set sail on a wishing well

D            G
the daylight is dimming out slowly with every breath I take
gasps of air become roaring rivers keeping me awake
Em             Bm      A            G
it gives me no time to think things through
Em             Bm      A            G
I know words always come before you do

Chorus (essentially same as intro) 
      A                    Bm            (5-3-2-0-2-3..)
but I can't find no poetry left in these lines
          A                    Bm            (5-3-2-0-2-3..)
I've been trying too hard, too long, too many times


is this what a biochemist would call happiness?
is it part of some unmade promise I thought I could forget?
Em                Bm       A        Em
is it time that I let some air come through?
Em                Bm       A         Em
for now strangeling love is all I can do


yeah, I know you have mountains of poems in mind
all explaining how all wounds will heal given time

Bm                                      E
but these days are no longer my time to spill
      G*           A*                            E
and I know that by waiting, I'll make them stand still

Bridge: (listen to song)
A F  
A F C 
A F Bbm F C A... 

I kept it as close as I could through those winter nights
but the ropes only tighten round me as I try to fight
Em                        Bm         A       Em
there's no worth throwing stone in a wishing well
now I'm out of black ink and true tales to tell

and I know it's all poetry, know they're just lies
but I'll still scavenge on what I find inbetween those lines
Bm                                      E
I'll pretend there was happiness, fake to have felt pain
      G*           A*                            E
just to feel there's a reason to read it again

Takk førr mæ!


Dette feltet skal ikke fylles ut:
  • gruxx
    Det tror jeg du har helt rett i
  • Eirik (Gjest)
    Jeg putta inn en Bm mellom G* og A* i aller siste strofe. Også tror jeg det er E-dur istedet for moll på slutten av linja: "there's no worth throwing stone in a wishing well".

    Tilgi meg hvis det er feil! :-) Hilsen ukvalifisert synser.
  • Arnold (Gjest)
  • gruxx
    Legger ut nå. heihå
  • Arnold (Gjest)
    Kan du mer av Moddi forresten? F.eks. Architect og en sang om fly? Uansett, takk for denne!
  • Arnold (Gjest)
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