Motorpsycho: Bedroom eyes

A         A7       D          A
and so it ends, and so it will be
     D                E
it's over now, she is free
A          A7       D        A
and we who saw and couldn't believe
    D             Bm
are justified and relieved by those
C#m Dsus2 A
bedroom eyes

A             A7           D        A
we missed her ways and the way she felt
   D                E
to be around and to know
A            A7          D      A
grew so transparent that in the end
   D            Bm
we only saw the shadow
       C#m Dsus2 A
of her bedroom eyes
             C#m Dsus2 A E
and how they hypnotized

A         A7     D          A
her murky waters still look clear
         D               E
from the surface still untouched
A       A7       D     A
eyes deceive and so do hearts
    D                         Bm
and decency keeps the image retouched
              C#m Dsus2 A
all we see is bedroom eyes
C#m Dsus2 A E
C#m Dsus2 A
by bedroom eyes
C#m Dsus2 A


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