Please don't fall for me

av TheVgitar 21/07-2015
Capo 1. bånd

When[D]ever you need some[D/F#]one to tell you, [G]"Slow down on the drinks"
Whe[Asus4]never you've had a little too [D]much
Whene[D]ver you need an a[D/F#]libi for[G] all your wicked schemes
[Asus4]Or need an escape just[Dsus4] becau[D]se
And[D] whether you've lost [D/F#]a job or you're just [G]out of cigarettes
[Asus4]Whenever you're stuck, tell me what you [D]need
[D]I'll be the cure for a[D/F#]ll your hurt, but da[G]rling, don't forget
That [Asus4]whatever you do, don't fall for[Dsus4] me[D]

Cause if your [G]heart is set on [D]something that is [Asus4]not supposed to [Hm]be
If your [G]eyes are looking [D]for something you're [Asus4]not supposed to [Hm]see
I'd rather turn [Em]around than turn you [A]down
No matter how [Hm]much I'd [Hm/A]hate to [E]leave
So [Em]whatever you do, [A]please don't fall for[D] me

Maybe I'm underestimating everything we've got
Maybe I'm cruel, maybe I am not
Maybe I'm too afraid to take a risk on something good
But if it was right, maybe I would



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