Henning Kvitnes: Everyday life

Intro: G D C

Em          D         A
You go to work in the morning
G               C
to a job that you've had for years
Em             G
that took away your youth
C                 D
and put silver in your hair

Em           D                  A
but you know the times they are tough now
G                C
and work is hard to find
D             G       Em
you gave your hopes a vacation
    A          Bm    C           D
and found your place down at the line

G                               D        A
There's nothing wrong with the everyday life
       C                        G         D
you're safe at home and you can draw your curtains
G                        D            A
Lock the doors, build a fire for the night
        C             D        G      D    C
save strenght for the everyday life

You know every inch of your home
you built it with your own hands
the trouble of making ends meet
only you will understand

so sit back in your chair and relax now
I guess you deserve a rest  let the others fly high
you stay close to the ground
your chance will come around


Em                A              Em
You learned to be patient and be content
                 A                         D
you know when to save and you know when to spend
Em             A                         Em
you know every shade of the color called grey
    A            C          D
you know when to go and you know when to stay



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