Panic In Pussyland

av rickenbacker 23/01-2016
Backstreet Girls: Panic In Pussyland

[E]one two three four  here we go [A]now
[G#]got the story from a pus[A]syland sh[B]owman
[E]one day the skies got g[A]rey
[G#]pussyland fever was the p[A]rice they had to [B]pay

[A]who cares about a rainy day[E]
[F#]if we stand here in a public debate(?????)
[A]who cares about a rainy day
[B]out in pussyland your baby goes away

P[E]anic In Pu[A]ssyland  P[E]ussyland m[B]anic

[E]Panic In P[F#]ussyland  P[B]ussy kind of Panic[E]

one two three four  here we go now
people were runnin for shelter....
all the way across the pussyland field
people were runnin for.....     and

if you've ever been to pussyland
just imagine pussy Vietnam
four five ten pussies got clam(????)
hope tommorow will understand(??)

Panic In Pussyland  Pussyland manic
Panic In Pussyland  Pussy kind of Panic

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