Wrote A Song For You

av fredrikjh 18/12-2016
Capo i 7. bånd

[C]What will[C/F] you do no[C]w momma?
[C]How can you go o[C/F]n?[C]
[Am]Yesterday you p[Am7]acked her bags
and now [Am/G]your daughter's go[F]ne
I can never understand
[Am]What your going [Am/B]through[C7]
F              Dsus2/F#
All that I can tell you
[G]is I wrote a song for[E] you

[C]What will[C/F] you do no[C]w brother?
[C]Where wil[C/F]l you now [C]go?
[Am]The on who lear[Am7]ned to live before you
and taug[Am/G]ht you all you kno[F]w
He's gone he won't be coming home
[Am]Though he might [Am/B]be some plac[C7]e new
F              Dsus2/F#
I can't imagine how you feel
[G]but this song is for [E]you

[C]What will[C/F] you do no[C]w daddy
[C]now that [C/F]your child[C]'s dead?
[Am]You've got all [Am7]these clothes,
an empty[Am/G] room an empty bed[F]
The pictures of your life's together
[Am]cuts your heart [Am/B]in two[C7]
F              Dsus2/F#
You probably won't hear it
[G]but I wrote a song fo[E]r you

[C]What will[C/F] you do no[C]w sister
[C]She has l[C/F]eft you he[C]re
[Am]all though she [Am7]is gone
I bet yo[Am/G]u hear her voice s[F]o clear
Now she's in the papers
[Am]and the televisi[Am/B]on to[C7]
F              Dsus2/F#
everybody cries for her
[G]but this song is for [E]you

[C]Well what[C/F] we're doi[C]ng now it is
[C]nothing l[C/F]ike the pl[C]an
[Am]we won't lock t[Am7]he gates
we'll go[Am/G] out and lend our [F]hand
Yesterday was a crossroad
[Am]so heartbraking [Am/B]and blue[C7]
F              Dsus2/F#
For everyone back in the ditch
[G]I wrote this song for[E] you


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