For the happy days

av lebj 24/04-2018

        D              Fiss-m
For the happy days and sad days 
    Hm           Hm/A
and all those in between, 
        G              A           D      A
we have all been given this good advice.
           D                Fiss-m
‘Cause the good Lord in his book
       Hm              Hm/A                  
he has told us what he means
       G           A                   D
and my openhearted friend; don’t think twice!

A                    D
Ask - and it will be given to you; 
A                   D
seek - and you will find;
A                            D         Hm 
knock - and the door will be opened to you.
G         A       D      Hm
Keep this on your mind.
G         A       D
Keep this on your mind.

T/M: Bjarte Leithaug


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