Need to Believe

av Anonym 06/12-2018
Grandma told stories of spirits and elves	Hm D
She had angel figurines up on her shelves	D Hm
Her fairytales all were sweet mysteries		Hm Em
Back then everything seemed true to me		Em A Hm Hm

Children’s naivety carries them through		Hm D
Death’s a deep sleep, God’s watching you	D Bm
I forgot all about it as I grew older		Hm Em
I learned that when it’s over it’s over		Em A Hm Hm

Death used to be the end until it struck	G D
Life used to be a friend until I lost my luck	D Hm
I need to see what I used to see		Hm Em
To be free					Em A
I need to believe				A Hm

I want to go back to a simpler time		Hm D
when everything was dandy and fine		D Hm
If I forgot all the things I’ve learned		Hm Em
Perhaps this hurt wouldn’t return		Em A Hm


I tell myself that shadows exist because of the light	Em A Hm Hm
I tell myself there’s nothing scary in the night	Em A7 Hm F#m
							Em A7 G D D7
Chorus * 2


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