Difference - Ivar Gafseth (originalen går i Cm)

-vers 1-
Am        E/G#-bass
Ev'ry day You're around
    C/G-bass                      D/F#-bass
And ev'ry day You make me live in pain.
    Dm/F  Dm/E   Dm/D   Dm/C  Hdim 
You never notice that I am in love
C            G    C                G  Esus4 E
In love with You. Yes in love with You. 

-vers 2-
I see your smile, your eyes that shine. 

The strength of You always surrounds me.

But never have You ever looked my way.

So what shall I do and what shall I say.

Am                     Em        F
Oh, I'm dreamin' sweet dreams of You.
              C           Dm
Please let my dreams come through
And I'll give You my love.
Am               Em       F
Oh, don't let me wait for years,
             C       Dm
Don't let me hide in tears.
Don't let me down.



-vers 1-

-vers 2-



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