In Rosa's heart

av gmmo1 18/03-2020
Down in Rosas heart she shed a tear
                              F            G
For someone so far away while I hold her near

Though i give her sympathy, her kisses are not ment for me
                G7                  C
Down in Rosa's heart, he still apperars

I'll take a walk and talk her off my mind

I feel that soon she will be leaving me behond

I can never take his place, we just can't go on this way

Down in Rosa's heart, she cries

                F                 G7                  C
She say's she loves me, but the words don't bring through
       F               G7        Em Am
her fantacy is breaking me in two
  F           C    F            C
I pledge, my love, and play my heart
            F             G               C
I'll always be in second place in Rosa's heart

If I could only make him fade away

I know that she will be, truely mine some day

Oh, will there always be, a shaddow hanging over me

Down in Rosa's heart, he stays


She say's she loves me...


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