Bloody like Christmas eve

av TorHM 11/02-2021
Bloody like Christmas eve

Intro: A – C – D – E – F – D – E -  A – C – D – E – F – E - D – E

My knees the oma knees the other [F]blood like Christmas [C]eve
[G]I was at the other end, [Dm]looking for rel[Am]ease
I lost my heart, I lost my soul, [F]in my search for [C]You
[G]Love that as given, as I [Dm]give my heart to [Am]You

[F]Oh [C]my [G]cheary - [Am]oh my pride
[F]Oh [C]my [G]baby don’t [Dm]hide -  t[Am]onight  ai ai ai

A – C – D – E – F – D – E -  A – C – D – E – F – E - D – E


His mama said I was rounded black, or [F]I`d look like [C]stones
[G]Smoked many lady sigarettes and was [Dm]constantly on the [Am]phone
His father ache, he was on a trip, he had [F]flowers in his [C]hair
[G]He talked about politics, and [Dm]that we all should [Am]share

[F]So [C]last [G]stories and [Am]broken dreams
[F]No [C]ones [G]looking at [Dm]You, in be[Am]tween in between ……

A – C – D – E – F – D – E -  A – C – D – E – F – E - D – E

Solo munnspill: Am – F – C – G – Dm – Am

When he saw her he lost his fur His [F]crazy days were [C]gone
[G]He made ha house a big red ass he said [Dm]now I want a [Am]son
They tried and tried they really tried but [F]no child did [C]appear
[G]So they went in to his big red house and re[Dm]filled it up with [Am]tears

[F]Oh my[C] che[G]ary - oh my [Am]pride
[F]Oh m[C]y bab[G]y don’t hide -  [Dm]tonight  ai[Am] ai ai

Outro: A – C – D – E – F – D – E -  A – C – D – E – F – E - D – E

Det er vanskelig å høre nøyaktig tekst i versene. Dersom noen har kommentarer eller rettelelser mottas dette med takk! :-)


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