Long Distance Man
- Big Bang – CAPO 3. Bånd

[Em]    W[D]hen you get up in the mornin[Em]g
[G]while you work 'till late at n[D]ight
[Am]as you sit alone and wa[C]tch some movie ab[D]out
guys who love to fig[Am]ht[Em]

[Em]     [D]She will take off all her ma[Em]ke-up,
[G]brush her teeth and go to bed[D]
[Am]fall asleep and dream y[C]ou laid your hand[D]
upon her [Am]head[Em]

[Hm]Do you hear the cal[Am]lin' from a side[G]track of your mi[D]nd?
[Am]singin' back in v[C]ocals to the sou[D]nd of your busy l[Am]ine[Em]

[Em]     [D]   You will sit in front of [Em]the paper
[G]sort your feelings if you can[D]
[Am]but no matter what you [C]think you are you[D]'re no
Long Distance Man[Am][Em]

[Em]     [D]  Then you'll go out and sta[Em]nd there laughin'
[G]pretend you're having fun[D]
[Am]getting used to people [C]saying[D]
"Look what you've done"[Am][Em]


[Em]     [D] Twice as alone when you're [Em]together
[G]faking smiles and holding hand[D]s
[Am]each one guided only by[C] their own[D]
fears and demands[Am][Em]

[Em]     [D]  And together you walk in s[Em]ilence
[G]not knowing what to say[D]
[Am]what was I thinking abo[C]ut[D]
the other day?[Am][Em]

[Em]     [D]  When you get up in the mor[Em]ning
[G]while you work 'till late at n[D]ight
a[Am]s you sit alone and wat[C]ch[D]
you fall asleep in your Hollywood light....[Am][Em]

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