Hold on to you

av Wiken 05/07-2007
Hold on to you

Intro: Am  Am/G  Am/F#  Fmaj7                

           Am                 Am/G
Take the forward path. Have a big slice of the city
         Am/F#               Fmaj7
Get the upper hand while you're still pretty
              Am                               Am/G
But you know what we're like. No, they will never respect you
The way you want them to respect you.
I think it's very well understood..

     Am                       Am/G
That I.  I'm gonna hold on to you
I'm gonna hold on to you
You, you

Gjenta! (instrumentalt).

          Am                   Am/G
Your cracked up shell. A dead opera house
            Am/F#                   Fmaj7
You give yourself to them now in a game of cat and mouse
          Am                Am/G
From the storyboard to the bedroom scene
         Am/F#                    Fmaj7
Through eleven World Wars, other people you have been

Refreng (Spill 3 ganger).

       Am                        Am/G
I can come to terms with slowly going mad
Am/F#                                       Fmaj7
Things we used to fear in the dark and whatever lies beyond us
         Am            Am/G          
But I've come to resemble my own shadow
      Am/F#                          Fmaj7
As it falls into the sidewalk I'm no longer anyone I know

F                          E
No one here reminds me of you
   Am     F      E
Yet I see no one else
            Am          Am/G   Am/F#   Fmaj7
On the crowded sidewalk                  

Gjenta refreng og fade ut.


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